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Hospice UK - Fundraising Fashion Lunch

In spring, I photographed an exclusive fundraising fashion lunch at the stunning Mosimann’s private dining club, Belgravia; guests including Lady Shakira Caine, Dame Siân Phillips DBE, Patricia Hodge and David Sassoon. The lunch was followed by a fashion show which showcased fabulous designs from Dame Zandra Rhodes, Amanda Wakeley, Connolly, Nabil Nayal, Daniel Blake and Rachel Trevor-Morgan.

I’m very pleased to hear that they raised more than £21,000 from the event, which is going towards the charity’s work for hospice and palliative care.

Principle Tower - Views at Night
Commercial Photography - London Principle Tower

After documenting Principal Tower's marketing pavilion opening last year, this time, I took some photos to show the breathtaking views from the building at night. As the building was still not completed yet, Maya, the sales manager and I had to climb 39 floors of stairs to take the photos. (I’m glad to find out that my new habits of exercise finally paid off!)

Eva Air Celebrating Evergreen Group's 50th Anniversary

This year is the 50th anniversary for Evergreen Group. I took some photos and made a short video for Eva Air to show iconic sites of London together with wishes from their London crew.

Another year I shot for Taiwan Ministry of Culture and their fantastic events in London!

Started with Atayal Weavers of Taiwan in London Craft Week 2018, showing Atayal aboriginal people's ancient textile-weaving traditions at the British Library.

Event Photography - Atayal Weavers of Taiwan in British Library (London Craft Week 2018)

'Formosa' by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre at Sadler's Wells. 'Using gesture, script, music and other elements of the island, Lin explores how writing has a power to distort memories and erase history.'

Performance Photography - Formosa by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre at Sadler's Wells

Taiwanese Artist Yuan Goang-Ming’s solo exhibition - 'Tomorrowland' at Hayward Gallery. Below is the video from the opening night where the artist discussed his work with Ralph Rugoff, Director of Hayward Gallery.

Writer Wu Ming-Yi in Conversation with Professor Barak Kushner

Award-winning Author Wu Ming-yi from Taiwan talking about his book Stolen Bicycle with Professor Barak Kushner from Cambridge at the National Liberal Club. Stolen Bicycle is a 'majestic historical novel and a profound, startlingly intimate meditation on memory, family and home. Heartbreaking family sagas are played out against the backdrop of social revolution in this nail-biting historical drama.' Definitely a good read.

Event Photography - Writer Wu Ming-Yi in Conversation with Professor Barak Kushner

Weddings - Two Beautiful Stories

Two couples got married this year and they happened to be my good friends!

Justin and Lisa had a very sweet wedding in May in Oberndorf, Germany. They met each other in Connecticut and after 3 years of long distance relationship between the US and Germany, they decided to move to London to start a life together in 2013. They brought one suitcase each and without knowing anyone, they've created an amazing life in London. I'm very excited about their new chapter in Chicago next year for them.

Vinci and Steve met each other during travelling in Croatia when they lived in the UK in 2011. They now live in Hong Kong and came back to the UK for a summer holiday and had an engagement shoot with me in Southbank where they used to hang out. They’re a couple who love traveling the world and despite none of them are from Thailand, they're going to have a big wedding celebration next year in Phuket and I can’t wait for it!

Creative Portrait - Steam Punk
Creative Portrait Photography - Steam Punk - Stephanie Ashton

I constantly get inspired by the people I meet - that’s one of the reasons I love my job and never feel like I’m working! I’ve got some clients telling me about having one shoot a year regularly for themselves – some with creative ideas and some simply want to remember how they look like every year and I think it’s a fantastic idea!

One of the most exciting projects from these is the session with Stephanie. She is a very creative person and always has at least a theme shoot every year; and this year, it's Steam Punk. She created a character, collected props from different parts of the world and collaborated with a talented costume designer Lyndsey Clark. We shot at the gorgeous Maunsel House and are very happy with the final results that we created together!

Taiwan at Lord Mayor's Show 2018
Lord Mayor's Show 2018

Lord Mayor's Show is one of the longest-established event in London, dating back to the 16th century. I was very excited to see Taiwanese Overseas Communities in the UK also took part in this parade for the second time. I was in the parade taking photos with my filming partner Sara, running around with the parade team to document this exciting moment. I’ve edited the video together with some photos I took in the video below.

Nefnüf is a London-based womenswear brand based on a traditional approach to quality and longevity, centred on the idea of timeless luxury. Each Nefnüf garment is designed in London and created in accordance with the commitment to fair working environments.

Portrait Photography - Life Coach and Business Consultant Sophie Thorne

Interestingly, I started last year with a shoot with Sophie, and this time, I ended my 2018 with a shoot with her.

If you ask me one thing about Sophie, I’ll say she’s one of the most organised people I’ve ever met!Very happy for her about the launch of her new business – The Art of Organising, to help other women 'get their sh*t together' and creating their dream life or a successful business as a life coach and business consultant.


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